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Missouri Goose Hunt Packages

All goose hunts are fully guided package hunts with all decoys, layout blinds, electronic calls, and equipment necessary for you to have a successful hunt.  ATV rides into and out of the field are also provided when field conditions necessitate.

3 Day Package Price: 

$599.00 total per person, regardless of age, hunting. 

$150.00 charge for youths under 12 and non-hunters.

1 Day Hunt Price: 

$239.00 per person per day, regardless of age, hunting.  

$50.00 charge for youths under 12 and non-hunters. 

Gratuity: Recommended 20% of total cost of hunt.

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Avian Skies Conservation Snow Goose Hunts   

Avian Skies offers conservation snow goose hunts in two locations: Southeast Missouri and Texas.  

Our Missouri snow goose hunts occur at the conclusion of the regular waterfowl season, in February, and hunters are allowed to harvest snow geese with liberalized regulations that include no limits, "unplugged" shotguns capable of more than 3 shots, the use of electronic calls, and extended shooting hours.  This is a depredation hunt ordered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and is designed to help reduce the overall snow goose population to sustainable numbers that their nesting habitat can support.

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P.O. Box 838 Edna, TX  77957
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No other outfitter has the quality equipment, proper sounding calls, and the prime locations that Avian Skies does.  That is why our goose hunts consistantly have some of the hightest harvest rates of any outfitter in the United States!   

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Not Included: Lodging, meals, bird cleaning, license, gun, ammo, and personal effects. Please note that rubber boots or waders are required unless otherwise notified.

*Goose Hunts are not pre-set hunts.  The spread is often set and picked up daily.  When everyone chips in, the goose spread can be set or picked up in about 45 minutes.

*Avian Skies reserves the final right to combine or seperate goose hunting parties, regardless of party size.
Avian Skies Bird Cleaning Services

Our standard hunt package does not include bird cleaning in the cost of the hunt.  Our bird cleaning service is available to you and ensures that you will be in compliance with US Federal and State regulations for possession and transportion of migratory game birds.

Includes:  Cleaned bird with fully feathered wing attached and properly packed with ice in your ice chest.

Costs:  $5.00 per bird regardless of number of birds harvested. 

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