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The mid-contential Lesser Snow Goose population is one of the largest migratory waterfowl populations on Earth.  Their numbers are estimated between 2 - 8 million plus birds.  There are so many birds that scientists cannot get an accurate count on the population.  They migrate from Canada to Texas and back annually with the northern migration being very distinct and occuring in a limited time frame, usually in February and March.  This migration also has tradtional travel paths with natural bottle necks occuring, which consentrate the population into dense groups.

The region of southeast Missouri, where Avian Skies hunts migrating lesser snow geese, is one of these regions where the birds funnel through.  This area is a very diverse farming region, consisting of large acerage corn and rice farms, that are capable of supporting such massive amounts waterfowl.
Many consider migrating snow geese to be the most difficult waterfowl to hunt in North America.  However, they can also be the most rewarding bird to hunt.  When these geese decoy it is an amazingly acrobatic sight that words cannot describe.  For this reason, waterfowl hunters consider them to be the ultimate bird to shoot over decoys.

Avian Skies offers fully-guided spring conservation season snow goose hunts with exciting decoying action as the main goal of every hunt.  We use a diverse network of local knowledge when scouting, high quality equipment and decoys, and collective experience of over 90 years of snow goose hunting in order to make your hunt a success.

Simply put, we have the locations, knowledge, and experience to produce a world class hunt for you!

For your opportunity to have the hunt of a lifetime, in one of the most densly populated snow goose regions in North America, book your hunt with Avain Skies!

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